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  • Southern Hospital Huiqiao Building - Foreign Medical and Foreign Affairs Center
    Southern Hospital Huijiao Building Medical Center, founded in 1979, is subordinate to Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University (formerly the First Military Medical University), which is the earliest and largest special needs medical service institution in China with the largest number of overseas patients, as well as the health care, foreign-related and high-end medical center of the hospi...
  • Warm wood grain system - a natural and warm rustic experience
    A comfortable space carries our expectations for life, home, and the pure land in our hearts. A good environment can keep us calm and happy. Hygienic wood color wall cladding panels (pinger wall panel #1047S & #9341M) creates unlimited artistic possibilities in a limited structure. It lays out a room with warm wood grains, draws in the warm sunlight outside the window, and creates a relaxed an...
  • Quality space, Elegant beauty
    The project uses pinger Crash proof vinyl wall covering as the wall interior decoration of the entire office building, which not only pays attention to simplicity and practicality, but also presents a low-key luxury, luxurious and generous features. Created a very corporate characteristic, convenient, comfortable and efficient office space. Interior wall finishes are in pinger wall panel #1501B, #...
  • Guangzhou Anhetai Maternity Hospital
    It is a joint venture between Beyoncé Group and Southern Medical University, a technical collaboration hospital of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center, and a personal consultation platform of famous doctors and experts of South China Medical Alliance. It always adheres to JCI international medical standards and develops clinical pathway system in accordance with the standards of treatmen...
  • ┃Pinger·Home┃It is comfortable to inhale, and it is full of nature when you open your eyes
    Pinger antibacterial resin board, to achieve a healthy and warm home environment. Morandi color woven pattern, high-end fashion. Every corner of the home reflects the aesthetic style and artistic attainments of the occupants. A qualified wall panel not only needs to reduce the hidden dangers of the environment to human health to the greatest extent, but also needs to use clever texture matching to...
  • Guangzhou Knowledge City Industry Cluster Service Center
    Guangzhou Knowledge City Industrial Cluster Service Center is a TOD model project of integrated transportation hub, positioned as the core transportation hub of Knowledge City, and also an industrial cluster service center. The project relies on the Shuangcheng rail hub, gathers high-end enterprise headquarters, landmark sites, and three-dimensional commercial pedestrian system to give full play t...
  • Guangzhou Women's and Children's Medical Center
    The Nansha Campus Project of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center is located on Jiaomen Island in the Jiaomen River Basin. The planning and layout of the functional area is based on the general idea of "harbour surrounded by building blocks", with a total construction area of 156,000 square meters. In the shaping of architectural space context, combined with the regional characteristics o...
  • Guangdong Guangxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
    Guangdong Guangxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary directly under Guangxin Holding Group. It is mainly engaged in real estate development, property management, leasing project investment and other businesses. Currently, it is carrying out project construction in Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Zhuhai and other places. This project uses the pinger wall panels # 1862B.
  • Jiaozuo Maternal and Child Health Hospital
        Jiaozuo Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, founded in 1951, is a tertiary maternal and child health care hospital integrating maternal and child health care, medical treatment, prevention, teaching, rehabilitation and scientific research in our city. Always adhere to the mission of "mother safety, children first", perform the function of "providing women and children with healt...
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