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Guangzhou Women's and Children's Medical Center Nov 11
The Nansha Campus Project of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center is located on Jiaomen Island in the Jiaomen River Basin. The planning and layout of the functional area is based on the general idea of "harbour surrounded by building blocks", with a total construction area of 156,000 square meters. In the shaping of architectural space context, combined with the regional characteristics of Lingnan, multi-level overhead floors, roof gardens, sunken squares and other forms are used to form a series of integrated three-dimensional courtyard spaces such as outer courtyards, atriums, and inner courtyards, forming a comfortable and pleasant space. , Warm and lively medical environment. With the general idea of "harbour surrounded by building blocks" and the shape of "the windmill of the sea", it will be built into a medical, health care, scientific research and teaching in one, in line with the national tertiary A-level women's and children's specialist hospital standards and in line with international standards specialized hospitals

The project is based in Nansha, facing Guangzhou, radiating to surrounding areas, focusing on the strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the development needs of the industry, giving priority to providing high-quality medical services for Nansha, driving the overall improvement of the medical service level in Nansha New Area, and becoming an integral part of the construction and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Development should be matched to strengthen the overall medical resources of the region.

The project is mainly based on the off-white Pinger wall panel #9341A. "The stars, the direction of dreams" embellish the space with marine creatures, highlighting the theme of the ocean, making the space lively and full of vitality.


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