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Wall Guards
  • 76mm Height Series Crash Rail
    Wall suited high-traffic areas , flat profile wall guards offer maximum protection against wheelchair, cart and furniture impacts. Superior Impact Aluminum Retainer Wall Corner Guard, Durability Flat Profile Rigid Vinyl Wall Guards, plastic wall guards
  • 102mm Height Series Wall Guard
    Gently curved upper edge helps prevent injury from accidental falls, discourages use as a footrest and eliminates litter ang dust buildup. Wall Guard System For Wall Protection And Decoration, Plastic Anti-Bacterial Wall Bumper Guards, Strongly Anti Mold vinyl Wall Guards for office building
  • 103mm Height Series Wall Protection Products
    Heavy- gauge aluminum retainers and the industry's heaviest right vinyl covers. vinyl covers are designed to flex upon impact. PVC Plastic Wall Guard For Kindergarten And Hospital, Corner and Wall Protector Plastic Bumpers For Lab Room, PVC protective Wall Parapet
  • 127mm Height Series Wall Guard
    Avaliable with or without rubber spacers for reveal or flush mounting. continuous internal bumper absorbs impact. Fire Retardant Interior Wall Corner Guards, Anti collision Vinyl Wall Protection, Hospital Vinyl High Impact Wall
  • 127mm Height Series Arc-shaped Wall Guard
    Constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum retainers and the heaviest rigid vinyl covers in the industry. High Impact Strength Vinyl Wall Guards, Anti-Bacterial Durability Wall Guard Bumper, Hospitals High Strength Anti-Collision Wall Guards
  • 152mm Height Series Wall Guards
    Unlque cntinuous rubber bumper provides maximum impact resistance in guards intender for high-abuse conditions. Hospital High Impact Wall Guard Protection, hospital vinyl impact wall protection, garage wall guards
  • 197mm Height Series Wall Guards
    Pinger wall guards installed on the wall which is about 10cm-15cm or 80cm-90cm from floor. wall guards can protect the walls well from impact. Hotel Vinyl Interior Wall Guard Protection, Against The Wall Bump Rail Wall Guard, wall protection bumper guards
  • 203mm Height Series Wall Guard
    The resin surface cover plate has fine particles and compact density. After special surface treatment, it has the functions of anti-collision, fire prevention, scratch and wear resistance, antibacterial and environmental protection. The surface has anti-skid fine lines and anti fouling treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.

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