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Guangzhou Pinger Vinyl material Co., Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of professional eco-wall panels and wall protection system and so on products, and has won the title of China high-tech enterprise, China high-tech breeding store, and Guangzhou giant of science and technology innovation. Pinger was established in 1999. It is now mainly engaged in green ecological wall materials. It has successively researched, developed, produced and operated antibacterial wall panels, Hight impact wall panels, high environmental protection and easy-to-clean wall decorative panels, anti-collision handrails, garb bar, and vinyl ceiling. Dozens of series of ceilings and thousands of professional products. Pinger has established a production base in Guangzhou, and has a number of cutting-edge development laboratories. The production materials are green, non-polluting and harming human health materials. It is located in a world-class research and development production base built in a beautiful flower orchard, and has dozens of inventions. And new practical patents, products are exported to the world, with super environmental protection, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, easy to clean, durable, beautiful and warm, and other outstanding performance. Create more green ecological commercial public places and high-end residential space, widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, high-standard chip plants, pharmaceutical plants, airports, office, equipment room, educational institution, clubs, aircraft interiors, high-speed rail , steamships, stations, etc.; green Pinger for the benefit of society and the future!

   Pinger now owns dozens of national inventions and new practical patents. It has passed third-party certifications from ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental monitoring system certification, EU CE certification, and Europe and the United States SGS international testing certification. In terms of products, we have successively passed national standards such as fireproof performance, antibacterial, anti-collision physical, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, anti-corrosion, etc., and we have perfect inspection methods and quality control procedures. Pinger wall panel and wall protection system products are in the leading position among similar products. We not only have a stable market share in China, but also sell products in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and occupy a certain market share in the international market.

   Looking forward to the future, with the tenet of “green, science and technology, caring”, our company constantly develops new products, uses new technologies, introduces advanced management concepts, actively expands the functionality, comfort and decorativeness of products, and at the same time commits Environmental protection and 100% recycled building decoration materials. Pinger is willing to work with you to pay more attention to environmental protection, health, attention to detail, and focus on the future. We firmly believe in Pinger and Pinger future.

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