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Wall panels
  • Rigid sheet wall protection
    Pinger wall panles (antibatrial wall vinyl sheet) is a new type of green environmental protection building materials, with anti-collision wear-resisting fire retardant, mouldproof moistureproof ang easy to clean, anti-bacterial, rich colors, dimension stability, lightweight pportable, gree environmental protection, thermal insulation sound-absorbing nine produt features, etc. Rigid sheet wall protection, China Rigid sheet wall covering sheet, acrovyn wall covering
  • Wall covering sheets
    Pinger wall panels as a kind of  homogeneous through the core product, rich in silver ions in the resin msterisl, can kill sheet attached to show that the fungus, e. coli ang golde staphyloococcus, mold and other pathogenic microorganismal effect is not decreased along with the life cycle of materials. Rigid vinyl wall sheet Wall protection, hight impact wall protection sheet, ipc door and wall protection systems
  • Rigid wall sheet covering
    Pinger wall panels as a kind of medical hard vnyl resin material, pinger wall panels (antibacterial vinyl wall sheet) can have very strong crashworthiness, in a wheelchair and cart collision process can wall protect the wall. Antibacterial wall protection panel, Decorative hospital plastic wall protection panel, wall protection sheets
  • Wall paneling sheets
    Pinger wall panels are design for the maximum area protection.there is no need for continual repair or repainting. Solid Color and Faux-Wood Patterns wall covering protection, interior wall paneling, korogard protective wall coverings
  • Wall protection panel systems
    Pinger wall panels can antibacterial and against moisture so they are very popular in the public areas. plastic wall cladding sheets,decorative plastic wall covering sheets,coloured wall panels
  • Decorative vinyl wall sheets
    Pinger wall panels has replaced traditional cold ceramic tile and coating material by its soft hue. PVC wall cladding sheets,pvc wall covering,plastic wall covering panels
  • Rigid Sheets Trim
    vinyl accessories for Pinger Wall Panels,including capping strips,join strips and insdie corner. kick plates,inpro wall protection,acrovyn wall protection panels
  • Aluminium Trim
    Aluminum accessories for Pinger Wall Panels,including capping strips,join strips and insdie corner. Hygienic Wall Cladding,wood wall paneling sheets,interior wall sheeting
  • Extension Roller
    A tool of Pinger Wall Panels installation. 3d decorative panels,3d wall panel design,patterned wall panels
  • Pinger Adhesive
    Pinger adhesive use for Pinger Wall Panels. door protection panels,wall protection systems,wall panels

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