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PinGer® joins hands with the “King of Luxury Products” to build a high-quality space Feb 01

Quality life perfectly presented

Make unlimited designs in limited space

When taste and quality meet, tradition and modernity collide, each space with a strong sense of art and high-end temperament is born. In 2023, PinGer® joined hands with the top luxury brand Hermès to complete high-quality spaces one after another such as Hong Kong Lee Garden Store, Beijing Sanlitun, Shanghai Hang Lung, Shanghai IFC, and Chengdu SKP.
Through the exquisite craftsmanship of Pinger wall covering vinyl sheet and the unique design concept of Hermès, the space becomes a perfect combination of taste and luxury, showing an extremely noble lifestyle.

Create with care and strive for perfection

PinGer® provides customized services to ensure that each store perfectly matches the Hermès brand image, while also showing the unique style of different stores. Whether it is a display area, a rest area, or a logistics area, PinGer® can provide exclusive Pinger Walls Modular solutions according to the different needs and requirements of the store. Create unique and brand-specific decorative effects for each area to show the unique charm of the store.

Excellent craftsmanship, careful construction and strict control

As a high-end wall building materials brand, PinGer® has unique design and excellent quality. The use of top-quality materials and advanced technology brings the ultimate visual enjoyment and tactile experience to the space, integrating a luxurious atmosphere into every inch of the space.

Through the unique texture of the Pinger wall protection vinyl sheet and the iconic colors of Hermès, the unique and high-end fashion taste of the space is highlighted. At the same time, the clever lighting design also adds a sense of mystery and romance to the space.

Professional quality and craftsmanship

As the guardian of luxury goods, Pinger wall panels are not limited to their aesthetic appearance. Functionality is also one of its important selling points. Its antibacterial, mildew, and moisture-proof properties ensure that the goods in luxury stores are always in good condition, providing customers with a healthy environment. Comfortable shopping environment.

The logistics area is the core of the entire store operation, as well as the warehouse and management center for the store's luxury goods. The large area of Pinger wall panels is laid uniformly, so that the decoration style of the back-end area and the front desk are consistent, giving the entire store a perfect sense of unity, conveying the ultimate luxury and taste to customers.

Let's make progress together
Build a high-quality space together

Whether it is a flagship store in a bustling city or a quiet specialty store, PinGer® uses innovative forms and diverse and fashionable products to create high-quality spaces that perfectly combine aesthetics and practicality.

PinGe® will continue to uphold the concepts of excellent quality and innovative services and work hand in hand with Hermès. We also look forward to establishing partnerships in more high-end retail areas to provide customers with superior wall panel solutions.


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