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One city, multiple LEEDs: sustainable development in buildings Mar 29

PinGer® Supports LEED Green Building Certification

Against the background of increasingly serious global climate change and environmental pollution, green and lowcarbon has become an inevitable trend in the development of today's society, and LEED certification is one of the symbols of green and lowcarbon buildings. Data shows that buildings have great energysaving potential. Through changes in technology, design and other aspects, the energy use of new buildings can be reduced by 90% and old buildings by 75%.

rigid viny wall panel

Green building refers to maximizing resource conservation (energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving), protecting the environment and reducing pollution during the entire life cycle of the building, and providing people with healthy, comfortable, suitable and efficient space for use. Society's demand for green buildings is growing, and environmentally friendly and healthy building materials have gradually become the focus of everyone's attention. PinGer rigid viny wall panel has excellent quality, superior performance and sustainable development characteristics, and is a bonus product for LEED green building certification.

PinGer® has always advocated the "regeneration cycle" model to provide ecological and green benefits. Its products have achieved "cradle to cradle" recycling and reuse, and old materials can be reused after appropriate processing. This recyclability feature extends material life and educes resource consumption,It is an important bonus item in the LEED green building certification.

rigid viny wall panel

Cleaning and maintenance of the PinGer wall panel is simple and convenient. Just wipe it with clean water. There is no need to use detergents, cleaners, etc., which reduces the use of chemical pollutants, reduces the impact on the environment and the health of the residents, creates a healthier living space, and achieves green color cleaning concept.

PinGer wall panel's

PinGer vinyl wall panel's unique antibacterial formula and homogeneous transparent core product structure can effectively protect the wall, kill most common viruses and bacteria, provide a healthy and safe indoor environment, extend the service life of the building, and reduce maintenance and The frequency and cost of repairs support a building’s LEED rating.

PinGer wall panel's

PinGer® guarantees respect for ecologically sustainable design: dematerialization, recyclability, absence of harmful emissions and durability.
PinGer wall panel materials comply with sustainable development indicators. The raw materials, production, use, and recycling processes all meet environmental protection standards, and have an environmentally friendly product statement report(EPD).

Adapt measures to local conditions,All-round matching

PinGer antibacterial vinyl wall sheet have rich colors, textures and functions, which are suitable for different project types, different building characteristics and design requirements. Whether it is medical, office, school, public buildings, transportation, hotels, commercial retail and other places, PinGer® can provide them with corresponding solutions meet different needs and achieve all-round matching according to local conditions.

antibacterial vinyl wall sheet

PinGer® will help more buildings obtain LEED certification and become a "bonus point" item, working together to improve the health and well-being of space users and promote sustainable development to achieve energy conservation and a sustainable green economy.

antibacterial vinyl wall sheet


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