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Breath of nature | Hjelset embraces greenery Jan 08

Feel nature and bloom vitality

Case in this issue•Hjelset Hospital

Respecting the environment and focusing on sustainable development have always been Norway's core values. Hjelset Hospital is not only committed to providing excellent medical services, but also always adheres to the concept of green environmental protection during the construction process.

"Performance, Sustainability"

The perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship and excellent performance
PinGer® joins forces with Hjelset

Build a clean, healthy and sustainable medical space together

Pinger wall protection vinyl sheet not only has excellent stability, but also has the superior properties of antibacterial and mildewproof, flame retardant, fireproof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof. It is perfectly adapted to the medical space and creates a more comfortable and secure space for doctors and patients. Easy-to-clean features extend the product’s service life to the greatest extent.

PinGer® has obtained EPD certification. The products come from nature, interpret the spirit of ingenuity with the spirit of environmental protection, and create a healthy, clean and sustainable medical environment.

"Technique, Atmosphere"

The collision of materials and techniques
Resonance of mood and atmosphere

Create a medical space full of artistic aesthetics

digitally printed wall panels

Pinger® digitally printed wall panels allow you to print the desired patterns on the wall through creativity, making the space full of infinite possibilities. The unique patterns on the walls and creative splicing make Hjelset full of artistic vitality and vitality.

digitally printed wall panels

"Color, Design"

PinGer® has a wealth of
Diverse texture colors

Interpreting the design styles of different medical spaces

Pinger wall covering vinyl sheet are widely used in different areas such as Hjelset halls, corridors, clinics, and wards. The walls and plants are integrated into one. Every breath and breath are filled with natural vitality, healing the body and mind in an atmosphere close to nature.

PinGer® will also continue to develop innovative products to promote sustainable design concepts and build a healthy environment. Achieve the long-term vision of sustainable development and become the industry's leading environmental steward.


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