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Press the busy pause button and PinGer® set off towards the mountains and sea together Nov 22

PinGer® Team Building

There is more to life than meets the eye
And poetry and distance
Press the pause button on your daily busy life
Let ’ s meet in Malaysia
Have a pleasant team -building trip
Sun , beach , sea of glass
Explore the beauty of nature
Feel the exotic customs

PinGer® Team Building

In this city, which is located at the intersection of tropical
rainforest and blue sea and blue sky, we cruised and explored the
swamps , the traces of proboscis monkeys , danced with
fireflies , and felt the charm of nature; we also checked in to the
" No . 7 Battery " fund building and mosque . Appreciate the beauty
of the integration of architecture and culture .

Perform a stunning ecological performance

The creature known as the " big- nosed  lover " , the proboscis ape

Hidden in the dense and boundless mangroves

We chase them in the jungle

The dark night sky hangs low,accompanied by bright stars

Groups of fireflies dance with their own light

Like the bright starry sky descending into the world

Bask in this magical and romantic light

As if you are in a fairy tale world

PinGer® Team Building

Cultural solemnity and tolerance

The most magnificent floating mosque in Malaysia

Buildings with white walls and blue roofs are reflected in the lake

Against the blue sky


The University of Sabah looks like an oil painting

A castle that satisfies a girls heart , free and romantic

PinGer® Team Building

The charming Semporna is a paradise for diving and

snorkeling enthusiasts . The sea water is like a huge transparent

glass , making people feel like they are in a dreamlike world . We

immersed ourselves in the blue waters and fine white sandy

beaches , enjoying the sunshine and waves , making our bodies

and minds feel extremely comfortable and relaxed .

One island , one world , one sea , one paradise

The simple Bayao people , the healing glass sea

Blue sky and equally blue sea

In the center stands small islands

Like an independent fantasy wonderland

Interpreting the island ’ s purest water, clear water and white sand

Antibacterial vinyl wall panel

Gorgeous , mysterious , romantic , natural growth

Dance with the waves and walk with the  ocean

Put on diving gear

Have an ocean adventure

The magnificent scene of the underwater ecosystem comes into view

Explore the wonders of the underwater world together

Experience the ultimate romance of soaking in the sea

Antibacterial vinyl wall panel

A person of character, a soul of character

One persons efforts are additive

A team effort is multiplicative

A group of people , a road

All the good luck in life

It ’ s all hidden in hard work

Looking forward to meeting next time


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