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Be the leader of the times, let the world ride on Sep 15

Let the world ride on "PinGer"

On the afternoon of 6 September local time, Premier Li Qiang inspected the Sino-Indonesian cooperation project of Yawang High Speed Railway, and after listening to the report on the construction of Yawang High Speed Railway, he expressed his appreciation for the painstaking efforts made by builders of the two countries. The opening of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway built by the two sides marks the fruitfulness of the "Belt and Road", and also marks Indonesia's official entry into the "high-speed railway era", which is of milestone significance.

Rigid vinyl wall sheet Wall protection

Project Introduction

In the Yavan high-speed rail project, Rigid vinyl wall sheet Wall protection are widely laid in the train compartment, with grey and white Pinger wall panels as the base and rose gold connecting strips, which is very modern industrial texture, representing advanced "technology" and embodying the concept of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. The raw materials used in the production of the product are green and non-polluting, and the woven texture chosen echoes the local "weaving culture", making the whole space simple and dynamic, reflecting the concept of harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and protecting the safety of drivers and passengers on their journeys.

Flexible Vinyl Wall Protection Sheet

Small craftsmen, big capacity

PinGer® products have a number of certifications such as ISO9001/ ISO14001/ISO45001 tri-system certification, EU CE and SGS international testing in Europe and America. It has also obtained more than 20 national independent intellectual property rights, providing technical support for the construction of the Yavan High Speed Railway.

Flexible Vinyl Wall Protection Sheet

As a public transport, high-speed railway has a large flow of people, and the safety issue cannot be ignored. Flexible Vinyl Wall Protection Sheet, as a semi-flexible material, has the advantages of environmental protection, anti-bacteria and anti-mould, fire-retardant, anti-collision and abrasion-resistant, in addition to the advantages of the traditional flexible material that can be bent and deformed without losing its mechanical properties. It can effectively reduce the impact damage to the wall caused by passengers' movement and baggage placing, and also provide higher security for the passengers and staff of the high-speed railway.

Rigid Wall Protection Wall Covering Sheet Installation

The easy-to-clean nature of Rigid Wall Protection Wall Covering Sheets Installation ensures that high-speed rail carriages are always kept clean and tidy, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for passengers and a distinctive travelling experience.

Rigid Wall Protection Wall Covering Sheet Installation

The Belt and Road, Pinger Road

PinGer® actively participates in the construction of "the Belt and Road" and is committed to working with partners in various countries to promote infrastructure construction and economic development, as well as to promote technical exchanges and economic cooperation between the two sides. Adhering to the principle of common business, common construction and sharing, PinGer® contributes to the development and prosperity of the international market.

we need to uphold the beauty of each civilization and the diversity of civilization in the world

PinGer® will continue to research and develop innovative products, contribute to the concept of sustainable design, continue to contribute to this "friendship road", provide more convenient and comfortable green transportation for more regions, and strive to be the leader of the times.


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