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Live View | CHCC 2022 The 23rd Medical Exhibition Jul 25

CHCC 2022

pinger wall panel

wall protection system

CHCC 2022

The 23rd National Hospital Construction Conference
On July 23, it was grandly opened at Wuhan International Expo Center
This conference will
"High-dimensional cognition, creating a beautiful hospital"
As the theme, around the concept innovation of beautiful hospital construction
and cognitive upgrading and knowledge system and method path
Take a deep dive
The pinger will bring you the overall solution of the medical wall

Live View

CHCC 2022

Pinger wall panel

It is a wall protection system specially designed for public spaces. The product is synthesized from environmentally friendly polymer materials and soybean oil epoxy resin. It is a new environmentally friendly wall material customized for different application needs. It can be widely used in medical places, high-end commercial spaces, super five-star hotels, interior decoration of high-end residences, schools, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, aircraft, ships, and high-speed railways.

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

CHCC 2022

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

A new type of green environmental protection building material
Synthesized from hard vinyl and natural soybean oil epoxy resin
Homogeneous core material, dimensionally stable, not easy to deform
Does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful elements
An excellent choice for high-quality interior decoration

CHCC 2022

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

It is a class A fireproof decorative board that can be adapted to various places.
Use bad resin material as decorative surface layer
Special non-combustible fiber
as core material
The surface is treated with advanced technology such as antibacterial, stain resistance and wear resistance
It is a new product with independent knowledge products and core technology

Environmental hygiene
Non-toxic and harmless
And the texture of the finish is natural
Designed for maximum space protection
Create a warm, comfortable, safe, clean and hygienic environment

Exhibition location

Address:Wuhan International Expo Center (B4M43)

Ms.Lily Zheng:+86-13570084662(WhatsApp)

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