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Exhibition Review | CHCC 2022 Pingeer Wall Panel——Wall Protection Panel Jul 26

CHCC 2022

The 23rd National Hospital Construction Conference

July 25, 2022
CHCC 2022 The 23rd National Hospital Construction Conference
A successful curtain was drawn at the Wuhan International Expo Center
The theme of the conference is "High-Dimensional Cognition, Creating a Beautiful Hospital"
Concept innovation around the construction of a beautiful hospital
and cognitive upgrading and knowledge system and method path
Take a deep dive
Guangzhou Ribo carries its brand
PinGer品格® pinger wall panel
Appeared at this conference
Will bring you the overall solution of medical wall

Green production

Guangzhou Ruibo vinyl Materials Co., Ltd.
is a global leader in professionally manufactured products for lattice wall panels and manufacturer protection system products
Established a R&D and production base in Guangzhou - Pinger Ecological Park
Recipes that are made of non-polluting materials and harmless to human beings
The green coverage rate of the production environment reaches 70%
What the hell is this fall
Products are exported to 80 countries at home and abroad

Safety and environmental protection

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

A new type of green environmental protection building material
Synthesized from medical hard vinyl resin and natural soybean oil epoxy resin
Antibacterial, fire retardant, anti-collision and wear-resistant, green, mildew-proof and moisture-proof
Easy to clean, colorful, dimensionally stable, lightweight and lightweight
As a new type of wall material with homogeneous core
Material rich in silver ions
It can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi and molds attached to the surface of the board
Reduce the possibility of bacterial cross-infection and disease transmission in public places
The antibacterial effect of the sheet does not decrease with the service life of the material
At the same time, the grid plate has strong anti-collision performance
Well protected walls in wheelchairs and during impacts

Real scene interpretation

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

Designed for maximum space protection
An excellent choice for high-quality interior decoration
Create a warm, comfortable, safe, clean and hygienic environment
Can be widely used in medical places and high-end commercial spaces
Super five-star hotels, high-end residences, schools, laboratories
Interior decoration of pharmaceutical factories, aircraft, ships and high-speed railways
Adopted by Apple's global direct-operated stores, Hermes and other high-end brand stores

Exhibition review

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

Green production environment
Safe patented formula
And advanced production technology and equipment
Create a first-class green health product -- pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)
Always strictly provide customers with healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable products
Solutions and Quality Service
Create a warm, comfortable, safe, clean and hygienic environment

Pinger wall panel (antibacterial wall panel)

It has always been affirmed and loved by medical, commercial and other industrial space fields
And provide it with an overall wall solution
Promote functional and decorative harmony

Pingre staff at the show site
Patiently answering questions from customers
Actively interact with customers and discuss cooperation
Provide customers with a deeper understanding of PinGer品格®

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