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Guangzhou Knowledge City Industry Cluster Service Center Jun 10

Guangzhou Knowledge City

Industry Cluster Service Center

It is a comprehensive transportation hub integrated TOD mode project,
Positioned as the core transportation hub of the knowledge city,
It is also an industrial agglomeration service center.
The project relies on the rail hub of Shuangcheng City, gathering high-end enterprise headquarters
Landmark places, three-dimensional commercial pedestrian system, give full play to the traffic value.
It has cultural characteristics and investment value in South China
Top grade cultural, creative and business complex.

———Pinger wall panel-Wood grain color#1047S———

The overall interior wall decoration adopts
Pinger wall panel 1.5mm wood grain #1047s
Design of stair wall
Three different size arrangements
Splicing installation
Avoid common, complete and symmetrical structures
At the same time, it also shows the beauty of individuality, fashion and art
It also reflects the fashion, decoration and convenience of the character board

———Pinger wall panel-Wood grain color#1047S———

Pinger wall panel, a new green building material
Synthesized from medical resin and natural soybean oil epoxy resin
Homogeneous transparent material, free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful elements
No toxic and harmful gas volatilization
Directly used on indoor wall
No formaldehyde removal, green and environmental protection
Applicable to various living places
Can also be matched with various decorative styles
Excellent choice for high quality interior decoration

———Pinger wall panel-Wood grain color#1047S———

Aisle wall
Design of arc bending
Different from the installation of stair wall
Instead, the traditional symmetrical decorative style

Wall panel treatment

Universal and unexpected beauty
It gives people a sense of tidiness, calmness, steadiness and harmony
Pinger wall panel
Not only can it be perfect
Fit on the curved wall surface
It also reflects the flexibility and stability of the pinger wall panel

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