Pinger Panel
Pinger Barrier Free Armrest Series Mar 12, 2021

The Pinger (Aluminum Toilet Barrier Free Handrail) contains unique antibacterial technology, which can improve the sanitary environment of the use site, effectively reduce the diseases caused by the cross spread of bacteria, simple design, nylon material unique comfortable hand feeling, and with its excellent antibacterial and antistatic performance, it is widely used in public places such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and other public places. (Disabled Toilet Nylon Grab Rails), It can be installed around various sanitary facilities including toilet, urinal, etc. to facilitate the use of various people. The size of components meets the majority of use requirements (special requirements can be customized)(Nylon Anti-Bacterial Grab Bars Shower)

Pinger Barrier Free Armrest SeriesPinger Barrier Free Armrest SeriesPinger Barrier Free Armrest Series

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