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The future has come - meeting, communicating, is the best practice Jun 08

Hunan Academy and PinGer品格®

Designer Exchange Meeting

- PinGer品格® -

Different buildings, different decorations
To encounter new design inspiration
The best practice is to meet and communicate

Exchange meeting
We started from the company's product strength and case application
PinGer品格® products
design and application in different spaces
We discussed with the designers on the practical application of PinGer® assembled resin wall panels
The practical use of PinGer品格® assembled vinyl wall panels was discussed in depth

- PinGer品格® -

Facing different areas
PinGer品格® products in decorative design
Versatility and practicality
The perfect match between product and architectural design
Create a beautiful living space with PinGer品格®

- PinGer品格® -

Thank you to the senior designers of Hunan Academy
for their recognition and support of PinGer品格®.
Through the communication, exchange and growth with the designers
communication, exchange and growth
We are more determined to move forward in the future
Create more green PinGer品格® spaces

- PinGer品格® -


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