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Childlike innocence | PinGer品格® Helps Guangzhou new children's activity center to open a colorful and fun time Jun 27

# Project Instruction #

Vinyl Wall Protection Sheets

Plastic Pvc Sheet For Wall

Guangzhou New Children's Activity Center won the "14th China International Interior Design Biennale Excellence Award". Based on the design concept of "same as the foundation, moving according to the rhythm, inheritance of Cantonese rhyme, and Lingnan space", the designer integrates elements such as piano, SpongeBob SquarePants, and spaceships throughout the entire space. Through the mutual matching of different colors of Pinger wall panels, the The space is full of sense of art, technology and future.

# Project Application #

Vinyl Wall Protection Sheets

PinGer品格® focuses on improving the safety, health and sustainability of infrastructure, and tailors innovative green wall system solutions. This project uses Hygienic Vinyl Wall Panels that are green, environmentally friendly, and free of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, creating a safe environment for young people and children. Comfortable, green and healthy activity environment.

Plastic Pvc Sheet For Wall

Hygienic Vinyl Wall Panels

The super wear resistance of Plastic Pvc Sheet For Wall can effectively reduce the friction caused by teenagers and children playing on the wall, reduce building maintenance costs, and create a youthful entertainment space.

# Pinger Products #

Pinger wall panels have passed the test of the National Building Materials Testing Center, and the formaldehyde emission is 0, safe and odorless.

Hygienic Vinyl Wall Panels

PinGer品格® attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of young people and children. The Vinyl Wall Protection Sheets is green and environmentally friendly, anti-collision and wear-resistant, and has the characteristics of anti-fouling, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. Its unique design is safe and antibacterial. Let the children enjoy a clean, safe and healthy entertainment environment, and let the parents feel relieved, at ease and comfortable.

Pinger wall panel,Rigid Sheet Wall Protection System


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